Uniquely Me

So the WordPress Guru’s say I should write something about me.  Hmm… let me think about this for a minute, or two… three…  Well, who I am is McKennaBlue that’s who!  I have all these thoughts that randomly roll around in my noggin and most of them when I’m fortunate to catch the right shot, or be in the right spot at the right time and catch a “hold your breath” kinda shot!

Another thing about me is that I have my own language being a writer and all, and so depending on my mood which is for the most part on the happy go lucky side of the stream, you may tend to get lost or confuzzled along the way… so just stop me and I’ll try to help you before you become any more befuddled then you already are.

The most you should know about me is that I am a Me and not just a name.  I laugh as much as possible.  I have smile winks which some I believe refer to as wrinkles but I think of them as winks… nicer name and it doesn’t make me sound baggy.

Oh yeah, and I’m writing a book too so this will explain why I can’t talk or spell things the way the rest of the world sees them because I don’t see anything alike twice!  Just unique I guess.

I’ll add more but I have a MaltiBear I have to go warm up some food for because I’m getting the look! lol!

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