Camping in St. Martinville

Give the girl a camera… and there’s no stopping her!

Camping trip with the family to St. Martiville, Louisiana we stumbled across some incredible sights and was it ever windy and cold but we had so much fun!  So more posts to come with incredible photographs of nesting birds in the rookery around Lake Martin, as well as photos from Jungle Island, Avery Island, Louisiana.  So much fun!

Lake Martin

Comorant "Snake bird"

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February 13, 2013

It’s an absolutely beautiful day outside!  I know I’m not alone when I say that “I love the sunshine!” Sunny day blissfulness always gets my creativity flowing.

So this tree is in my backyard and I have no clue what kind of tree it is for the exception that it blooms at the end of winter/beginning of Spring and by Summer it is dropping seeds in my backyard that look like peach pits! lol!

But first, the blossoms…

But first the blossom

Through My Window

February 9-10, 2013

I think the seasons are about as confused as I am… though yesterday I was fortunate enough to watch several of these strange but beautiful birds playing in the trees just a ways past my fence.  They would sing sing sing and almost seemed to be singing a song about soaring into the wind, which they would and fly in circles and land on the nearest branch only to begin singing again.  Quite magical actually.

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©McKennaBlue - All Rights Reserved - No Unauthorized Use

©McKennaBlue - All Rights Reserved - No Unauthorized Use

Uniquely Me

Hiya!  I love to take photos of birds and nature in general.  It calms my spirit and renews my outlook on life in general.  So many things going on in the world and so many miss seeing so much of it just by letting stress take over their own individuality that makes us all stand out and unique.

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